Biogas plant for cooking and lighting in Mabesekwa (PIN)

The project will install a biogas plant for cooking and lighting at the primary school in the Mabesekwa village.

    The proposed biogas project for Mabesekwa involves erection/installation of 200m3 biogas per day biogas plant that will provide sufficient gas to cook meals for 400 pupils at the primary school on daily basis as well as power a gas-generator to illuminate 100 households and 20 streetlights in the village. Mabesekwa village has about 900 residents who are primarily engaged in cattle rearing for livelihood. Furthermore Mabesekwa has a Primary School which accommodates about 400 pupils. At the school the provision of gas for cooking will eliminate the use of fuelwood/firewood which is currently the only energy source that is being used for meal preparations. The generated electricity will be used for lighting displacing use of paraffin and candles. This biogas initiative will be pioneered in Mabesekwa and replicated to 3 other villages at a rate of one village per year for the next four years.

    Project facts

    Country:  Botswana

    Project Type:  Methane avoidance

    Project size:  POA

    CERs/Year:  600


    Status:  PIN

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