Efficient biomass burning technologies for cooking in households, institutions and small businesses (PIN)

The programme will support large scale commercialization of efficient cooking devices in the SADC region.

    The objective of the programme is to support the large scale commercialization of energy efficient cooking devices in the SADC region thus promoting the sustainable use of biomass for cooking and space heating, by reducing consumption of non-renewable biomass in particular. The location of the project activities which occur under this programme will be in various districts in Botswana. Project Design Documents (CPA_DD) lodged under this programme will identify specific locations. As a general rule, each Franchiseee in the BPC Lesedi system will constitute a single CPA, subject to the small-scale limit of 180 GWh per CPA.

    Project facts

    Country:  Botswana

    Project Type:  Energy efficiency households

    Project size:  POA

    CERs/Year:  5,305


    Status:  PIN

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