Roof insulation in residential, institutional and commercial buildings (PIN/PDD)

The project activity will apply insulating coating (Ceratech) on roofs in buildings to reduce solar heat gain.

Programme of Activities Design Document (PoA-DD)

Component Project Activities Design Document (CPA-DD)

    The project activity will apply reflective ceramic insulating roof coatings (Ceratech Thermal Barrier Roof Coating) on roofs of commercial, residential and institutional buildings in different towns and villages located in Districts of Botswana, to reduce solar heat gain and lower internal temperatures to cool comfort levels. The Ceratech will offset use of powered cooling systems and also suppressed demand of energy that would have been required for cooling the buildings. The energy offset by this project activity is assumed to be electricity currently generated from coal.

    Project facts

    Country:  Botswana

    Project Type:  Energy efficiency households

    Project size:  POA

    CERs/Year:  39,000


    Status:  Seeking support for validation

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