First National Workshop

23 February 2011 - 24 February 2011

The workshop aimed at improving the capacity of national stakeholders in the implementation of the CDM in Botswana.

The workshop was aimed at improving the capacity of project developers from public, private and civil sectors to identify potential CDM projects, and develop Project Idea Notes (PINs) and Project Design Documents (PDDs).

The workshop covered the following topics:

Overview of global carbon markets
Financing CMD projects in Botswana
National sustainable development criteria and approval procedure


Botswana Mitigation Strategies Dorcas Masisi
Global Warming Agna Ventures
Approval process for Botswana Russell Mothupi
Botswana sustainable development criteria Balisi Gopolang
Overview  of potential CMD project in Botswana Peter P. Zhou
A status of Global Carbon Markets and
post-2012 Negotiations
Karen Holm Olsen
An introduction to the CMD and the carbon markets Sten StenBeck
Programmatic CMD in Botswana Sten StenBeck
PDD Structure Peter P. Zhou
CMD Project implementation progress Karen Holm Olsen

An additional half-day consultative workshop aimed at meeting with project developers from the energy sector to identify potential project areas from energy sector.

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