The Third National Workshop takes place in Gaborone on 23 September 2013

The aim of the event is to discuss the CDM project portfolio with bankers, investors and other local stakeholders.

The workshop is organized by the Designated National Authority (DNA) of Botswana, Department of Meteorology Services (DMS), and Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism (MEWT), with support from the UNEP Risoe Centre (URC) as part of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Multilateral Environmental Agreements (ACP-MEAs) project.

The objective of the event is to present and discuss PDDs and PINs developed by national and international experts under the project, and expose the CDM project portfolio to local bankers, equity investors and other stakeholders in Botswana.

Also, Botswana's CDM Investor's Guide will be presented and discussed in the context of new opportunities to attract climate finance for Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAS), development of New Market Mechanisms (NMM) and a Framework for Various Approaches (FVA).

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